Where fear is forged into courage, self-doubt is forged into self-confidence, and weakness is forged into strength


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)


Martial arts develops confidence in children, but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) does it best!


You’ll lose weight, and be inspired to eat healthy, setting yourself up for a longer and healthier life.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been proven to be the most effective self-defense martial art in the world.


While training you’ll instantly make friends. You need the help of others to master the art.

Why SIA?

Our Instructor’s credentials are renown. SIA is headed by Professor Alex Faria, a Roger Gracie Black Belt, leading a team of world-class instructors. Roger Gracie is widely regarded as the greatest BJJ fighter of all time, and we are privileged to have a Roger Gracie Black Belt, as well as two Roberto Godoi Black Belts on our mats. A legit lineage matters, and our lineage is your lineage.  In BJJ, the closest presence in the tree to the creation, hold credit with any school in the world. In addition, our instructors have trained, given seminars, and coached with the best practitioners in the World. This mixture of credentials makes them some of the best in the world to train under. Check out our instructors webpage!

 We care. We are a family just like yours.
We are a staff of mothers, fathers, friends and family who have your family’s health and best interest at heart. We are practitioners ourselves, who believe that BJJ and SIA can make a positive difference in everyone’s life.

Our families love us.  We have helped families in many challenging life situations. We encourage you to read our stories
and our reviews!

Our Instructor to child ratios are unmatched. Our coach and child ratios are 4:1 for younger ages, and 9:1 for older ages. This ratio is unmatched by any school! Your child’s safety and learning experience come first for us!
We spare no expense to ensure this.

We don’t charge for belts or stripes It’s common practice to charge for belts and stripes amongst other school.  There is no belt testing.  Your progress is measured each day.  You get it when you earn it! (We do hold Promotion ceremonies, and may hold for a short period in order to enjoy a special ceremony for all being awarded promotions together.)

Our facilities are world class.
We have one of the best facilities in the South. With showers, locker rooms, a Cafe, and even Aromatherapy Air, its hard to find a better place for your family! We are often engaged in photo shoots, seminars and other events.

Our Professional Athletes are internationally ranked champions.
We have a staff that includes young World champions that your children can connect with. They train and set examples of hard work, confidence yet humbleness, and enthusiastically inspire kids to be disciplined and achieve, just as they have.

SIA is owned by a family with roots both in the US and Brazil.  We share a love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our mission is to help each individual that walks through the doors of one of our academies, become a part of a family where they can become a better version of themselves through the support of staff and students alike.  “Iron Sharpening Iron” Proverbs 27:17

"We do with our hands, what the Samurai did with their swords."

– Grandmaster Hélio Gracie
Lives changed
Positive feedback
Positive attitude

What others are saying

Thrilled to have a Gracie gym nearby. The no-nonsense training for my 7 year old son is a beautiful thing. Great to see the kids fall into an exercise routine, learn techniques and get hands on. Firm fair and consistent. My son feeds on the discipline and reward system.

Lou H.,

Gracie Gym is an amazing place for kids and adults alike.  The instructors are second-to-none, and the team atmosphere exudes “good vibes”.

Jordan P.,